Crown Power - Built on Trust

Russell Gray - Founder of Crown PowerRussell Gray – Founder

As a young man I used to base most of my buying decisions on price. The first major house renovation that I did was a disaster. Tradesmen that never showed up on time, some never completed the work and the workmanship was terrible. That was a valuable lesson. What I learnt was that I needed reliable, competent people and reliable equipment and high quality materials.

When it comes to people this is what I look for:

  •  Arriving on time – means they are well organised and reliable.
  •  Good listener – means they will understand my needs.
  • Qualifications & Experience – shows competency.
  • Good communicator – can explain to me how the work is to be done.
  • Do what they say they will do – I know it will be done.
  • Honest & Truthful – everything is clear.


Daniel Zarb – Director & Business Owner Daniel Zarb - Current business owner and director

When it comes to suppliers of products & materials this is what I look for:

  • Deliver on time
  • Technically advanced
  • Best quality materials
  • Long term warranties that include parts and labour
  • Fast response
  • Readily available parts and components

We have built a competent team of tradesmen and suppliers that you can trust.

  • 5 Year installation warranty
  • Over a decade of quality installations
  • Residential Air Conditioning Specialist