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When to replace your air conditioner | 5 Telltale Signs!

When To Replace Your Air Conditioner – 5 Tell Tale Signs

During a sweltering Australian summer nothing offers more relief than a well-functioning air conditioner. But if you’ve noticed lately that the airflow has diminished, your unit’s not cooling like it used to, or it’s started to make some very strange noises, then it’s definitely time for an air conditioning service.

However, if that’s been done recently and you’re still having problems, it’s worth remembering that like all appliances, air conditioning systems have a limited lifespan regardless of how often they’re maintained. So how do you know when to replace your air conditioner?

Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

7 Ways To Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

With our wonderfully long summers, it’s no wonder that more and more Australians are investing in an air conditioning system to help cool things down during the heat of the day. In peak season, your air conditioner needs to work even harder, meaning unfortunately your air conditioning bill does too – at charging you more! Here are 7 ways to lower your air conditioning bill this summer.

Air Conditioning Trends

The Top 5 Air Conditioning Trends Of 2017

If you’ve ever sweltered through months of incessant heat without air conditioning, you’ll appreciate just how wonderful it is to take advantage of a cost-effective, well-functioning air conditioning system to take away the discomfort of an Australian summer.

How to Get Rid of Mould in Air Conditioning Systems

How to Get Rid Of Mould In Air Conditioning Systems

Does your home have a bit of a musty smell about it? Are your allergies playing up a little more than usual? If so, you might have mould in your air conditioning system. Mould in air conditioning is a real problem across Brisbane. Our humid climate and warm summers foster the growth of mould perfectly and this can be a nightmare for homeowners! Mould anywhere is far from ideal, but mould in air conditioning is especially bad.

5 Signs You Need An Air Conditioner Service

5 Signs You Need An Air Conditioner Service

When the summer air outside is so warm that it feels like someone is constantly pointing a cheap hairdryer in your face, opening windows to encourage a draught offers little relief. In 30-degree heat, ceiling fans are no more useful than the fan in the back of your oven; they just spread the heat around and make you cook faster. Only a quality air conditioner can offer over-heating Australians guaranteed access to a cool breeze.

4 Reasons to Install Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning In Your Home In Winter

4 Reasons to Install Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning In Your Home In Winter

One would be forgiven for quickly becoming overwhelmed when choosing air conditioning for their home! With so many choices and types on offer, it can be difficult to find the right air conditioning unit for your home.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning has a range of benefits, making it a popular choice among home and business owners alike. Read on to find out the top reasons for installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner into your home this winter.

How Insulating Your Home Can Help You Save On Air Conditioner Repairs

How Insulating Your Home Can Help You Save on Air Conditioner Repairs

The temperature is at an all-time high and odds are your air conditioner is working its heart out to keep you and your home cool. What would you do if it suddenly stopped working and needed repairs?

Prevention is the key here and it doesn’t take much to give your air conditioner a little helping hand. Just like all things electrical and refrigeration, there are things you can do to ensure they run better, more efficiently and most importantly with minimal downtime. Don’t be caught out by unexpected air conditioner repairs, read this, it could save you sweating out the summer!