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How Insulating Your Home Can Help You Save On Air Conditioner Repairs

How Insulating Your Home Can Help You Save on Air Conditioner Repairs

The temperature is at an all-time high and odds are your air conditioner is working its heart out to keep you and your home cool. What would you do if it suddenly stopped working and needed repairs?

Prevention is the key here and it doesn’t take much to give your air conditioner a little helping hand. Just like all things electrical and refrigeration, there are things you can do to ensure they run better, more efficiently and most importantly with minimal downtime. Don’t be caught out by unexpected air conditioner repairs, read this, it could save you sweating out the summer!

Daikin air conditioner maintenance

Tips and Tricks: Daikin Air Conditioner Maintenance

Looking for tips and tricks to stay on top of your Daikin air conditioner maintenance? With some simple and regular maintenance, your Daikin air conditioner will give you many years of energy-efficient, cool and clean air for your home or workplace.

Daikin air conditioners are already one of the most innovative and energy-efficient air conditioner ranges on the market and with a little bit of regular maintenance, you’ll experience cooler air and lower running costs all summer long.

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Ducts

5 Essential Tips To Clean Your Air Conditioning Ducts

Keeping your air conditioning ducts clean and well maintained can save you serious money on your power bill. There is also some evidence that dirty air conditioning ducts accumulate pathogens and allergens that can affect the quality of the air that you and your family are breathing.

Without regular cleaning, your air conditioning system can experience a decline in performance, which increases energy consumption and costs more to run. Fortunately, there are few simple tricks of the trade that you can do at home to keep your air conditioning ducts and system clean and efficient. By using less power, a clean air conditioner is also better for the environment.

Looking for cost effective heating options for your home? CLICK HERE and see how ducted heating stands up against alternative warming options!

Ducted Heating: Choosing Cost Effective Heating for Your Home

Don’t let your heating bills get you hot under the collar! Cost-effective options are available.

Keeping your home warm in winter is just as important as keeping it cool in summer. But you don’t have to choose between heating and saving money. You can have both. We explore several heating options in this article including ducted heating, home insulation, split systems and even traditional wood fire heaters.

My Air makes home the ultimate comfort zone

My Air makes home the ultimate comfort zone

Ducted air conditioning systems offer homeowners a number of benefits; their comprehensive coverage ensures that homes get the utmost in unrestricted airflow and they are whisper quiet. It’s really important for your ducted air conditioning system to provide the right settings and control to allow for different temperature requirements in different rooms. Some people or rooms may require minimal cooling, whilst others might desire more. Fortunately, Advantage Air’s advanced My Air technology offers the perfect solution to this.

Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System

Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System

Too cold? Humid and sweaty? Why suffer when you can get prepared for the changing weather now?

Temperatures in Australia are harsh, particularly in South East Queensland. This why air conditioning is a must. But it can be confusing to know which type you should get installed in your home – ducted air conditioner vs split system. Knowing the difference between them can have a huge impact on functionality and your comfort levels!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air conditioners are relatively complex machines, with a large number of somewhat intricate components. Each of these components work concurrently to ensure that your air conditioner is performing to the highest possible standard and if any of them are operating sub-optimally, the efficiency and functionality of the entire unit will be compromised. This guide lists air conditioning maintenance tips and ways in which you might maintain your air conditioner, as well as some of the more commonly encountered problems.

Ceiling Fans Or Air Conditioners - Which Is Best?

Ceiling Fans Or Air Conditioners – Which Is Best?

You might have heard that ceiling fans aren’t as effective as air conditioners. Or maybe you think air conditioners will cost you a fortune in power bills? The truth is that both ceiling fans and air conditioners have great benefits. The best choice for your home or office will depend entirely on your needs and may, in fact, be a combination of both.

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Stop for a second and consider this: Every single breath of air you take inside your home is sucked through an air conditioner first. It makes perfect sense to regularly and thoroughly clean your air conditioner. A dirty air conditioner can be a safe haven for allergens, bacteria, insects, rodent droppings and dust. Cleaning your air conditioner can improve its efficiency, reduce costs and purify the air in your home. By properly cleaning your air conditioner you will be ridding it of these contaminants and may be pleasantly surprised by a reduction in noise and odour and a better flow of cool air to your home. With regular cleaning and professional servicing, your air conditioner should live a long and healthy life.