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10 Ways to Stay Cool That Cost Nothing

While air conditioning will always be the most effective and reliable way to stay cool, there are also ways to stay cool without relying on running the air conditioning system full time. Crown Power know better than anyone that staying cool is the key to staying comfortable, so during a scorching summer we are currently experiencing in Queensland, here are some timely reminders to help you stay cool without always depending on your AC system.

  1. Pull the window shades, curtain and blinds down during the day. This stops heat being transferred through the windows and into the home.
  2. Dress down. It’s your home and you don’t need to impress, so wear light airy and loose fitting clothing and kick off the shoes! Think cotton and other lightweight material, or if it’s more your style do away with the clothes all together!
  3. Avoid using the stove and oven, and take advantage of the outdoor BBQ. Stay away from spicy foods on warm days, and instead opt in favour of fresh salads, sandwiches and chilled pasta dishes
  4. It’s obvious, but if you drink cold water regularly you’ll be cooling your body from the inside out and rehydrate yourself in the process.
  5. Make fruit popsicles and other cold treats, these are a great way to bring the temperature down, especially after being outside.
  6. While on the topic of being outside, wherever possible keep all outdoor work around the home until the early morning or early evening when it’s cooler outside. This includes cleaning the house and washing the dishes.
  7. Have cool showers to refresh yourself and cool your body temperature down.
  8. Keep a hand towel in the freezer and damped with water to wrap around your neck, or on your wrists when feeling particularly hot.
  9. Spend more time in cooler areas of the home including bottom levels, shaded rooms or east facing rooms
  10. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep in the fridge to spray on your face after being outside, or when the moment requires it.

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