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4 Ways That Ceiling Fans Can Win Over an Air Conditoner

The humble ceiling fan. Above our heads they spin, rotating their blades at varying speeds to suit our cooling pleasure – and it’s high time too, as summer has well and truly landed. While the cracking weather beats down upon your home, don’t swelter in the heat any longer than you have to; try and skip the air con if you can. They’re money drains, siphoning away your cold hard cash into their vents and into the pockets of your electricity provider. Instead, take note of these five benefits of ceiling fans and let those blades whip up a breeze!

They’re Cheaper to Run

Although we already touched on this, it’s worth mentioning again. Even switching on the fan in conjunction with the air con will save power, forcing the latter to run with greater efficiency as the fan circulates the cool air more effectively. To put it into perspective, running a ceiling fan constantly has the same impact on your bill as leaving a 100 watt light bulb on accidentally overnight. Chump change compared to the vented doom of an air conditioning unit.

They’re Easy to Clean

Concerned about dust and mold finding a home on your fan blades? Make sure the fan is switched off (despite recent innovations, a fan blade to the head still hurts), grab a stable step ladder and attack the blades with a bucket of warm soapy water. Clean liberally and you’re done. Cleaning and maintaining an air conditioning unit on the hand requires a measured care plan drawn up by your installer or air con expert; additionally, you must take apart the front of the unit and clean or replace the filters as needed. Occasionally, you won’t be able to access where the mold is festering – you’ll have to call in a professional again!

They’re Quite Attractive

Do you remember the old fashioned, big white ceiling fans – cumbersome, ugly things. Luckily and perhaps surprisingly is you haven’t looked into a fan since, there have been significant strides in improving the aesthetic appearance of fans, in addition to revolutionising motors, controls and weight bearing – you know, the things that actually influence how the device works.

They’re Great For Kids Rooms

Kids have sensitive immune systems, picking up every cold and runny nose going around. Air conditioning units, unless you’re determined to stringently manage their upkeep, can distribute these germs, recycling into the room. A fan on the other hand will rotate air until it flees out the window, providing a gentler solution for children – especially those suffering from allergies!

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