Need a Daikin air conditioning troubleshooting guide? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for Crown Power’s easy solutions for the most common issues experienced by customers using Daikin air conditioners.

Common Daikin air conditioning troubleshooting – and quick solutions

Frustrated on a hot day when your air conditioning unit isn’t cooling you down? You don’t necessarily need to call a technician out. There may be an easy solution that’ll have you cooled down quicker than you’d think. Here are a few tips that cover the most common air conditioning concerns.

Of course, if any of the suggestions below do not solve your problem, call your authorised Daikin specialists at Crown Power for fast, affordable help.

#1 My air conditioner is not cooling or heating as it should

Ensure that the temperature and operation mode are properly set on the remote control. Check that the air filters are clean and that the areas surrounding the unit aren’t blocked by furniture or decor items. Ideally, close all windows and doors to the room you’re cooling. Check that the air quantity and direction are properly controlled and that the ventilation fan is moving.

#2 My air conditioner is not operating

  • If the operation lamp is off: Check that the fuse isn’t blown and that there isn’t a power failure. Make sure that the power cord is properly connected to the outlet. Double check the batteries in the remote itself and see if the timer has been set or not.
  • If the operation lamp is flashing: Unplug from power or turn off the circuit breaker. Waiting at least one minute, turn the power back on. If the operation lamp continues to flash, you may want to try contacting your retailer or calling an air conditioning expert for professional advice.

#3 The button on the remote marked ON/OFF doesn’t work OR the button on the unit marked ON/OFF doesn’t work

Unfortunately, this is not a problem you can solve on your own. Turn off power and contact the retailer who sold you the unit, or a professional air conditioning advisor like Crown Power.

#4 Water is leaking from my indoor unit

Unplug all power and seek professional advice. It is common for air conditioning units to produce some condensation, but a major leak could be a major safety issue so do not approach it or attempt to fix it yourself.

#5 My air conditioner is stopping unexpectedly or turning on and off repeatedly

Unexpected stopping is not a malfunction. This is an operation to protect the unit if the voltage is fluctuating. You should find that normal operation occurs within about three minutes.

When the temperature in your room reaches the set level the unit switches to ‘breeze mode’ to make sure it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Once the temperature fluctuates again, air flow volume will increase. Stable room temperature is the goal of a good unit so the Daikin air conditioning troubleshooting guide recommends leaving well alone!

#6 My heating stopped unexpectedly and I can hear the sound of water flowing

Your system is in defrost operation on the outdoor unit. Please wait about ten minutes.

#7 I’ve turned off everything (dehumidifying, dry cooling and cooling) and my unit is still operating

Check your mould proof setting. If it’s ON then that is what’s been activated.

#8 My unit is making a noise

  • Abnormal sound? Unplug power and contact the place you purchased the unit.
  • Clicking sound? The refrigerant control valve or electric component may be operating.
  • Buzzing sound? The flap is moving.
  • Rattling or creaking sound? This is the adjustment of the position of the flaps during operation startup.
  • Bubbling sound? This may be outdoor air entering the drain hose. Generally, this is normal and tends to happen in a well-sealed house or if you’re living in an apartment.
  • Soft rumbling sound? Check the ventilation mode. If it’s operating in ‘fan’ it will sometimes make this noise.
  • Hissing sound? This is the discharge of humidified or ventilated air. This can occur when it’s humid outside, or during other temperature extremes.
  • Abnormal sound when you’re cleaning the filter? Unplug power and contact a professional advisor.

#9 Daikin air conditioning troubleshooting guide to smells

Your unit should not be producing unpleasant smells, so odour can be a sign of bigger problems. If you smell something burning it is an indication to switch off power immediately and contact a professional.

If you’re smelling something unpleasant it’s likely discharge that occurs during the purifying operation. It doesn’t pose a health hazard (though it isn’t very nice) and it will dissipate shortly. It is part of normal operations.

Please don’t apply cleaning spray or odour spray to your air conditioning unit at any stage. It’s not necessary and may cause damage that will void your warranty.

#10 Do I need to clean my air filters?

All air conditioners require regular cleaning. See your manual for specific details, and aim to clean your Daikin unit about every two weeks.

#11 The remote control display isn’t clean and it doesn’t work very well

Sounds like a case of flat batteries. Replace the batteries, and if the issue doesn’t improve contact your distributor.

#12 The humidity either goes below the set level or doesn’t reach the set level

If your unit is operating in ‘humidifying heating’ mode, lower the setting for the temperature. If in humidifying mode, increase humidity setting and select ‘Continuous’ operation.

#13 My outdoor unit is discharging water or steam

This could happen as a result of frost on the unit. The pipes on the outdoor unit can get quite cold if they’re in the cooling operation and this will produce condensation. The water then may drip down.

I’d like to request a repair or a service

We hope this Daikin air conditioning troubleshooting guide has answered some of your questions! If you need any extra help or advice, contact the Crown Power Daikin specialists for further assistance.

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