Too cold? Humid and sweaty? Why suffer when you can get prepared for the changing weather now?

Temperatures in Australia are harsh, particularly in South East Queensland. This why air conditioning is a must. But it can be confusing to know which type you should get installed in your home – ducted air conditioner vs split system. Knowing the difference between them can have a huge impact on functionality and your comfort levels!

The pros and cons of ducted air conditioning

There are some distinct benefits to ducted air conditioning when compared to alternative cooling options.

  • Cost – It is often more expensive upfront, ranging anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000 including full installation, however, over time it has the potential to be cheaper to run. Zoned ducted air conditioning is more cost effective than the average standard ducted systems. This is because it allows you to only turn on the required zone or zones to cool or heat a certain area of the house instead of the entire home at once. You should also take into account that ducted air conditioners provide specifically designed airflow and a higher level of insulation. This fact alone saves you thousands of dollars on your electricity bill a year.
  • Appearance – Ducted air conditioners are concealed which allows homes a more streamlined appearance. The entire unit is typically hidden in the roof and the outdoor unit (otherwise known as the condenser) is placed in a preferred location away from entertaining areas or neighbours.
  • Performance – Depending on the size of your house and the size of the ducted air conditioner motor, the performance and ability to cool your home is second to none. As a result of the unit not being pushed to its limits to cool or heat, you will save money on your power bill and reduce the risk of the motor and its components being overworked.
  • Longevity – A well maintained and serviced ducted air conditioner should last no less than 15-20 years. By cleaning filters when prompted and getting regular services, the life and efficiency of your air conditioner will be prolonged.
  • Noise – Ducted systems provide your home with a quiet and discreet climate control option. The outside fan makes a little bit of noise when first turned on however once going it is softened as the fan whirrs. 

The pros and cons of split system air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning isn’t for everyone and there are some definite pros to a split system.

  • Cost – Split systems are more affordable to purchase and install. It is a great option for those on a budget, or anyone unwilling to pay upwards of $8000 in one hit. What’s more, with separate units in different rooms, you can add units down the track as funds become available. Should your air conditioner require repairs, a split system is going to be cheaper to fix, service or replace.
  • Appearance – Cosmetically these are not attractive to your home and can become an eye sore. They require a large amount of wall space and can often be big and bulky. Unlike ducted air conditioning, you may find yourself being limited to the number of units in your home as you rely on free wall space.

In addition to the internal units, you must also consider where the external fans will go. Ideally these will be located away from neighbours, bedrooms and entertaining spaces, however this can often be difficult. You should also aim for an open space with good airflow and out of direct sunlight. If you plan on installing multiple split system air conditioners, you will also need to have room for the additional outdoor units.

  • Performance – Like anything, the performance is dependent on a few things. If you have a smaller property, live in an apartment or even a double storey house then split system air conditioners could be more efficient for your circumstances.

Split system a/c’s have the ability to cool your house with ease; the efficiency relies on wall placement and how hard the motor has to work to push the cold air around the layout of your home. The power the unit has is also an important factor in the effectiveness of the air conditioner and the overall running costs.

  • Longevity – Designed to run capably for 10-15 years, a split system unit is great value for money. You can also prolong the functionality by ensuring filters are cleaned regularly and services are performed often.
  • Noise – IF the right size unit is fitted to that room, there will be a slight whisper, you can barely even tell the machines are running most times.

There are many factors to consider before making your air conditioner purchase. Using the information above will help you weigh up the pros and cons of each option. When deciding ducted air conditioner vs split system, you should take into account your lifestyle needs, the requirements of the building and your budget!

Want to tailor a system to suit your personal needs? Need help deciding ducted air conditioner vs split system? Get in touch with the team at Crown power today or give us a call on 0427175654!




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