Daikin, our major brand we work with here at Crown Power and recently gaining top marks in recent Canstar Blue survey, has another triumph to add to its impressive achievements. It’s called Daikin SkyFi® and it could be the smartest ducted air conditioning available on the market.

Daikin SkyFi technology allows you to operate your air conditioner using your home Wi-Fi Network giving you the freedom to control your comfort as you see fit,  all from numerous devices including tablets, smartphones and even an iPod!

The Daikin SkyFi application is available free from the Apple App Store or free from Android’s Google Play store. As new updates and functionality is added to the technology users will be prompted to update their app.

The Daikin Technology allows the user to connect to their air conditioner in one of three ways:

  • Through their smartphone and the Ducted air conditioning interface. This is used if you don’t have a home Wi-Fi connection and will used the Daikin interface to connect a single device only
  • Connection through local (home) wireless network using the Sky Fi app. This allows for multiple devices (and multiple) family members to control the air flow in whatever area of the house they may be in
  • Users can also activate their air conditioning remotely from wherever their smartphone or tablet can connect to the internet. This means that you can return to a cool home at the end of a long day by turning activating your ducted system as you leave work.

Other features in the Sky Fi App:

  • Sky Fi will automatically detect your zones allowing you to monitor and control these with a single tap. These zones can also be named E.g Bedroom, Kitchen, Rumpus Room etc for easy identification.
  • Filter Cleaner reminder to help you remember change/clean filter so system continues to run efficiently.
  • Off and On timers for sleeping or to set to return to a cool home.

To find out more about this Smart innovation in Air Conditioning contact the team at Crown Power today on 1300 85 11 86.