Here is what to do if you are not using your air conditioning for a few weeks (or longer).

Remove moisture that may cause mould and bacteria

Mild Weather Tips for Air Conditioning in Brisbane - Aircon Remote Settings

Turn the air conditioner to ON

Press the mode button repeatedly until the fan only indicator (icon) is displayed. In this mode the compressor is not working. Only the fan is running. Repeatedly press the Fan Icon until high fan is indicated

Run the air conditioner on high fan only for approximately one hour. This will dry out any moisture that was sitting in the indoor unit.

Water sitting in the outdoor unit may cause mould and bacteria to form in the indoor unit.

Turn off the standby power

Turn off the power to the outdoor unit at the isolating switch or the circuit breaker on your switchboard. Air conditioners use significant standby power, particularly the older models.


Mild Weather Tips for Air Conditioning in Brisbane






This will save you electricity costs while your air conditioner is not in use.

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