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If you live on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, you’ll know that hot summer nights in Southeast Queensland can be extremely uncomfortable. The heat and humidity can keep you tossing and turning for hours, leaving you exhausted the next day — and so, many Australians turn to home air conditioning for comfort.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best aircon temperature for sleeping for adults and babies, and explore why it’s important to avoid overheating while sleeping by setting the ideal room temperature for sleeping in advance.

Why Is Using The Best Temperature For Sleeping Important?

Did you know that body temperature and sleep are deeply interconnected? Biologically, our ability to enter a natural sleep-wake cycle is actually governed by our body temperature. Scientists now believe that our body temperature impacts the amount and quality of sleep we receive each night.

What does this mean in practical terms? The temperature of our bedroom or sleeping space could be adversely impacting your ability to attain regular, quality sleep.

Here’s how our sleep cycle works in tandem with our core body temperature:

During the day time, our core body temperature constantly fluctuates. Our brain naturally does this without us noticing. At night time when it becomes time for our body to wind down, our body’s core temperature will start to decrease to a healthy, lower temperature to help usher us into the sleep cycle.

Overheating while sleeping is common for many of us. So why do cold and hot temperatures at night tend to wake us up? There’s a scientific reason for this: During REM (rapid eye movement sleep, the most important sleep for body repair and memory consolidation), the brain’s temperature regulating system will switch off, and the room temperature will become the main way our body maintains its temperature. This makes it incredibly important that we proactively design our sleeping space to have the right temperature, for a deep and nourishing sleep the whole night through.

If we don’t sleep in the right sleeping temperature, we risk creating poor sleep patterns — think uncomfortable, irregular hours of disrupted sleep — which can erode our health over time.

Best Air Conditioner Temperature For Sleeping

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The ideal room temperature for sleeping typically varies from person to person, depending on your comfort levels. However, sleep experts believe that cooler temperatures work better than warmer temperatures since they assist with your body’s core temperature drop. Experts claim the best temperature for sleeping in Celsius is 25 degrees for sleeping at night. We recommend using your air conditioner’s thermostat to set your room to this temperature.

Ideally, your air conditioner will have a sleep mode function. A sleep mode function means that:

  • Once your aircon is turned on, its inverter will work hard to achieve your selected temperature
  • Once this temperature is achieved, the inverter will decrease power to consume less energy, while preserving the ideal sleeping temperature
  • Your air conditioner will then increase the temperature by half a degree for four hours, allowing you to wake up at the ideal temperature

Many Daikin airconditioning models pair this sleep mode function with an intelligent movement sensor to create an improved sleeping environment. How does this sensor work?

  • Your air conditioner will gradually go up half a degree per hour to slowly warm the room
  • If the air conditioner detects movement in the room, such as tossing and turning if your sleep is disturbed, it will bring the temperature of the room back to its starting temperature to help ease you into sleep
  • When it senses that you have returned to a comfortable sleep, it will slowly raise the temperature before shutting off

Ultimately, this means that these air conditioners work in harmony with your body’s natural sleep cycle to help you sleep more soundly. Using these functionalities on your air conditioner is the best and easiest way to ensure your sleeping space achieves a consistent room temperature and density of air for a soothing and revitalising sleep.

Final Thoughts: The Best Air Conditioner Temperature For Sleeping

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Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. The temperature of our sleeping space can play a huge role in our quality of sleep. To make sure you and your family have a restful night’s sleep in summer, we recommend the following:

  • In bedrooms, set your air conditioner’s thermostat to 25 degrees Celsius for ideal sleeping
  • Consider installing an air conditioner with an inbuilt ‘sleep mode’ and intelligent movement sensor to keep your electricity bills at an affordable level and achieve a perfect night’s sleep

To learn more about the air conditioners we stock that offer sleep mode and intelligent movement detection, or simply ask us a question, Contact Crown Power today on 0427 175 654 (Brisbane & Sunshine Coast) or on 0409 678 803 (Gold Coast).