There comes a time when your old trusty air conditioner just isn’t trusty as it once was. It might be going strong most of the time, but you’re pretty sure it’s inefficiency and power hungry ways make keeping it running similar to keeping a petrol guzzling SUV on the road.

There are many things to weigh up before you replace your old air conditioner with a new one, and our air conditioning installation specialists at Crown Power explain what to assess to help decide whether you’d benefit from an air conditioning replacement, or if a repair and service would be sufficient.

Things to assess

Age of the air conditioner – Most split systems are built to last around 7 years. If there are repairs needed after this point it can be difficult to find parts from manufacturers who only carry parts for 7 years. The better brands eg Daikin last 10 plus years and the availability of Daikin spares is better than the lower cost brands.

The condition of your air conditioner – If the system has not been well maintained and serviced it could cost more to repair, especially if further repairs will be likely to be needed or there is a refrigerant leak which can be expensive and harmful to the environment. Some older air conditioners pipe work will not be suitable for the new R410A refrigerant and older R22 gas can be difficult to come by. The cost of the any repairs or maintenance to get a poorly functioning system back up to scratch can sometimes weigh in favour of replacing the system with a new mode.

Running costs vs running costs of a new model – It’s likely that a new air conditioner will be more efficient than an older model, and there has been up to 30 per cent increase in the Energy Efficiency Ratio of air conditioners since 2009. While there is still the initial outlay, installation and unit costs have remained relatively consistent in the same period.

Does the system match your lifestyle? – Sometimes air conditioning needs change, you might have inherited a smaller system in your home than the size of your family or you ideally require or an air conditioning unit for the bedroom to help provide a good night sleep.

Budget – Obviously your budget is often an overriding consideration as to whether you should replace your system or keep your current one. If the costs of a replacement is out of the question for your preferred system for now, it’s better to continue using the AC you have until you have the financial capacity to buy a quality energy efficient model that will last and perform well.

We can give you an honest assessment here at Crown Power of the condition of your system, while not trying to oversell or sell you anything if it’s not needed, since it’s in our interest to be as trustworthy as possible – It’s what we built our reputation on!

For more advice on whether it’s in your best interest to repair or replace, contact us today.