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Air Conditioning Systems Need Your Attention

Air Conditioning Systems Need Your AttentionIf you have a thermostat that blows warm and/or cold air throughout your home, chances are you have an air conditioning system which needs attention on a regular basis. Modern homes are designed with comfort in mind and air quality contributes to a large portion of that comfort. However, if these machines are not properly cared for then they can prematurely stop working and unnecessarily increase your electricity bill.

The most important step to maintain your unit is to change or clean the air filter at least once a month. This keeps your system flowing smoothly without any resistance and helps to avoid increases in electrical costs. Changing and cleaning air filters also protects the unit from clogging which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Air filters are often disposable and frequently found near or around the main unit. They can be spotted by their size and shape, usually square shaped, approximately 2×3 feet in length and covered by a large vent. In most systems this vent should easily open up, however, you may need to remove a small screw first. Once opened the old filter can simple be removed and replaced with a new one.

The next step in effective maintenance for air conditioning systems care is to call in a professional technician once a year for a routine check-up. A professional contractor will have the skills to lubricate any moving parts which includes the axial fan and make sure all the drains and airways are cleared and flowing properly. They will also inspect any hiccups that may be occurring in your system’s operation. By getting your unit annually serviced you will be typically saving yourself a 95% chance of needing any major work done later that year, and can have your system ready by summertime when you will be needing it most. Additionally if you call during the off season, often you can get these routine inspections completed at particularly affordable rates.

Finally, the last step in maintaining your air conditioning system in having the air ducts cleaned out and inspected every five years or after any major remodelling project. This is especially important if you suffer from allergies or if you start noticing reduced air flow. As time goes by, ducts are known to gather dust and debris, reducing your air quality. In addition damage can also occur in the duct work and air can escape, reducing the flow. By scheduling this periodic maintenance care you will be adding renewed life to your system and ensuring it works not only effectively but also efficiently.

Your air ventilation system plays an important role in your life by helping to regulate the air quality and temperature within your environment, making life much more comfortable. So remember, as you care for your air con system, your system will care for you and save you headaches and costs in the long term.

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