Hi Everybody,

I look pretty cute but I am one of the biggest causes of air conditioners to break down. You see I like very warm places to snuggle into so I find sleeping on the electronic printed circuit board very comfortable. The only problem is that my body causes the printed circuit board to short circuit (fail) and ends my life prematurely. Not good for your air conditioner (repair cost around $500) and of course not good for me. I am going to let you into a little secret. I hate the smell of moth balls and I hate the smell of lanolin and I am not a fan of rVicks Vapour Rub.


Gecko Treatment Air Conditioning










This is how you can do the both of us a big favour. Next time you have your air conditioner serviced insist on the Gecko treatment. I cannot guarantee that all Geckos will be put off by the smells but it will go a long way to reducing the risk of another gecko (my relative) being fried on your printed circuit board.

Gecko Treatment Air Conditioning









Oh and another tip. Have you noticed that most Geckos hang out up high on the walls. If you are getting a new air conditioner then the location for the outdoor unit – closer to the ground the better.

Gary Gecko