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Bedroom Air conditioning

What to look for when selecting bedroom air conditioning?

Bedroom air conditioning must be quiet. In the still of the night, noisy air conditioners are at the least very annoying and can hinder a good night’s sleep.

Check the noise ratings of the brands that you are considering. Go for a brand with 5 fan speed settings and if you are sensitive to noise select a brand with indoor quiet mode. Top of the range brands like Daikin will have a DB sound rating of less than 20db on low fan speed and indoor quiet mode.

It is very important to note that through our experience there are other causes of noise that do not appear in the manufacturer’s technical data.

One common cause of noise is the swing blades as they move. We have removed many bedroom air conditioners because the swing blades rattle and creak.

Another common cause is the creaking due to the expansion and contraction of the unit as the unit becomes cooler.

Our best advice is to ask your friends (put it out on Facebook) if they have experienced a quiet brand of room air conditioner.

Another handy feature to look for is the night set mode that allows through the use of the timer off circuit, the pre-set room temperature to gently rise in cooling mode. This energy efficient feature allows you to sleep comfortably without feeling a sudden temperature rise when the unit turns off.

What is the best location for an air conditioner in a bedroom?

The ideal location for a bedroom air conditioner is where the air does not flow directly over the bed.

Most people find that the cool air that directly falls directly on them uncomfortably cold. This is known as ‘cool air dump’ and occurs about up to 3 m from the indoor unit depending on the fan speed and swing settings.

The ideal location is on the wall behind the bed head to one side of the bed.

The air runs parallel to the bed and not directly onto the bed. The air circulates around the bedroom providing even cooling (heating).

Bedroom Air Conditioning

How difficult is it to locate the air conditioner in the ideal spot?

If the wall behind the bedhead is not an outside wall then the air conditioner has to be converted to a left hand (LH) or right hand (RH) exit.

This conversion requires an experienced and skilled refrigeration mechanic to do the work.

Below is an example of the process of installing a LH exit configuration.

LH Exit Installation.

In this case Crown Power identified that the pipework and drain could be run through the wardrobe to the outside wall.



Bedroom Air Conditioning










It is important to make sure that the mounting plate is horizontal and it has to be at least 30mm from the cornice for the unit to drop down on the clips.

Bedroom Air Conditioning










The pipes are flared and connected. It is critical that this is done perfectly otherwise expensive gas leaks will occur.

Bedroom Air Conditioning










The pipework and the drain must be fully insulated so that sweating does not occur and leave moisture in the indoor unit. Moisture can cause unhealthy mould to build up.

Bedroom Air Conditioning









The pipework is run through the robe and through the outside wall. Note that the drain is taped not glued so that the drain can be serviced if it gets blocked.

Bedroom Air Conditioning


Bedroom Air Conditioning






















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