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What is Australia’s favourite air conditioning brand?

It’s official. According to a recent survey from leading customer satisfaction ratings site, Canstar Blue, 595 Aussie consumers who bought an air conditioning system in the last three years, have rated Daikin Air as Australia’s favourite air conditioning brand.

Daikin in Brisbane

A recent visit from Daikin’s international representatives. Very professional too

A recent visit from Daikin’s international representatives. Very professional too

Daikin was awarded maximum 5 star ratings by consumers in six out of seven possible categories including energy efficiency, reliability, after sale service, and quietness. The Japanese-based manufacturer also outperformed rivals such as Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Fujitsu with the only brand to receive 5 stars for after sale servicing and with the results showing that customers were most satisfied with their Daikin systems overall. To see the full results click here.

This information gives further weight to what we already believe here at Crown Power including.

1. Not all air conditioners are created equal.
2. Daikin manufacture some of the most robust and quality systems on the market.
3. When shopping for a good air conditioning system, the popular phrase ‘you get what you pay for,’ is definitely true.

Despite not being the cheapest options available in the market, Daikin spilt system air conditioners still performed well in the value for money category and were awarded 4 stars from customers. And as far as performance, reliability and access to after sale servicing is where Daikin stood apart from the pack.

As one of the major suppliers of Daikin air conditioning systems in Brisbane, the team at Crown Power only invest in the best systems which we are proud to sell and stand behind. When it comes to air conditioning, with so many brands to choose from it can be difficult to know which brands will continue to perform over many different areas. We hope this information has made your choice a little bit easier when purchasing your next air conditioning system in Brisbane. To speak to the Crown Power team, call us directly on 1300 85 11 86 today.