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Can You Install Ducted Air Conditioning At Your Home?

How do you determine if a ducted air conditioning system can be installed in an existing house? Check if the indoor unit will fit in the roof space required for Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners.

measuring unit

Capacity 20/25kw
Length 3200mm
Height 650mm
Width/Depth 1450mm
Capacity 18kw
Length 3200
Height 650
Width Depth 1250 mm
Capacity 14/16kw
Length 2500mm
Height 650mm
Width/Depth 1500/1200mm
Capacity 10/12.5kw
Length 2500mm
Height 500mm
Width/Depth 1500/1200mm
Capacity 7kw
Length 2500mm
Height 500mm
Width/Depth 1200mm
Capacity 5/6kw
Length 2500mm
Height 450mm
Width/Depth 1050mm

Can You Install Ducted Air Conditioning At Your Home?

The indoor unit is suspended from the trusses to prevent vibration on the ceiling joists. Note the safety tray under the indoor unit

The above dimensions are nominal. The height takes into account the depth of the safety tray and the fall (downhill) for the safety tray drain to flow to the roof gutter.

The indoor unit may fit into a smaller space. Careful measurements must be made from the plans or on site to determine if the indoor unit will fit.

1. The distance between the trusses.
2. The height of the truss and the width of the truss

Carefully measure these dimensions and transfer to a scaled drawing. Put the measurements of the ducted indoor unit components on the same scaled drawing.

Note :Trusses can be modified by an engineer/builder to provide space for the indoor unit.

Check to see if there is room to run the ducts to all of the required rooms.

Ducts sizes range from 200mm to 400mm. In most cases if there is room to hang the indoor unit then there is room to run the ducts. However check for raked ceilings. Ducts usually cannot be run above raked ceilings

If the house is two storeys then the ducts can be run down through cupboards or through bulkheads. In this case the air outlets can only be directly below where the ducts run through the upper level floor. Check to see if there are cupboards above the living areas and/or bedrooms on the lower level

Check for a suitable location for the outdoor unit.
Outdoor Unit – Location
The following factors need to be considered when selecting the location of the outdoor unit:

1. Away from your bedrooms
2. Away from neighbours’ bedrooms
3. Away from outdoor living areas
4. Close as practical to the switchboard

Check if there is sufficient electrical capacity to run the Air Conditioner. A qualified electrician can advise you if there is sufficient capacity. Incoming mains and switchboards in most cases can be upgraded.

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