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3 Reasons Electrical Jobs Should NEVER be DIY

3 Reasons Electrical Jobs Should NEVER be DIY

Electricity is an amazing technology. Today, we don’t really think about how much we use it until we don’t have it anymore during a black out, a brown out or electrical issues in the home. We rely on it to power every room in the house, from the light fittings to the wall socks and the appliances streaming power along wired cables. We are surrounded by electricity. It may be hard to believe it comes from a box somewhere outside or under the house, but that box can be full of its own tricks and trips. Any electrical job shouldn’t be done by yourself – the world of DIY is wonderful, but shaping a new coffee table isn’t exactly playing with lives wires and hoping for the best (based on what you saw a guy do online.)

Electric Heaters Burn Your Money Compared to a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Warning: You’re Burning Money by Using Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are widely used during winter despite being often not very effective and expensive to run. So why do so many people use them? Possibly because they are cheap to purchase however many people don’t realise the ongoing costs of running this form of heating.