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Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance: Essential Tips From The Experts

Before you set the thermostat and forget the rest, STOP! Your ducted air conditioner needs some attention.

Ducted air conditioning isn’t cheap and after spending thousands of dollars to have it installed, it is crucial you understand what is involved as far as ducted air conditioning maintenance is concerned. Missing one small step can cause drastic problems down the track that could result in you sweating out the summer. This is not a risk worth taking! Here are some essential tips from the experts to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently for years to come.

Is air conditioning maintenance really that important?

In short – YES! There are loads of possible side effects of poor air conditioner maintenance, including major impacts on your health and your wallet!

The best way to ensure your air conditioning is running efficiently is to call on a respected air con service company to inspect and clean your system. If you’re concerned at the cost of getting an air conditioning expert to do a house call when it is time to change or clean the filters, the good news is that there are some tasks you can do yourself.

Cleaning and replacing filters

Even though cleaning and replacing filters is one step of maintenance that most people are aware of, it is often forgotten about or overlooked until a lack of performance is noticed. This alone can lead to further problems down the track. The longer you leave it, the worse they could become.

To ensure your ducted system is working at its most efficient, you need to clean your filters at minimum once every six months. At the beginning of summer and then again before you start heating in winter are the optimal times to give the filters a good clean. In some systems, a message may appear when it’s time to clean your filters. Otherwise, inspect the filters yourself and wash them down with warm, soapy water.

Over time the airflow will become restricted by dust and debris leaving your air con working harder but not putting out the results you would typically expect. Regular filter cleaning assists your air conditioning unit to run efficiently without concern.

If you have any doubt about how to do this, or where to locate your filters, always speak to an expert first!

Tip: When replacing filters – only replace with filters specifically designed for your ducted air con model. By using good filters, you are potentially protecting your family from illness caused by particles and debris getting into your home and being dispersed throughout your house.

Health and respiratory illness

If someone in your home suffers from low immunity or respiratory illnesses such as asthma it is even more important to ensure your filters are cleaned regularly. After a build-up of allergens caused by dirty filters, dirt can linger in your duct system for months. Each time you turn your air con on you are releasing those allergens into the air, potentially kick starting an asthma attack or allergy flare up.

During the warmer months, and summer in particular, the risk of mould growing is extremely high if you have not cleaned your filters. The cold air that builds up inside the air conditioner caused from blocked filters combined with the heat, provides optimal conditions for mould to grow. Over time ingesting these spores can be extremely hazardous for anyone within the home as they cause respiratory problems, nervous-system disorders and common allergic reaction symptoms.

Tip: Your ducted air conditioner should never run without a filter. Filters will help to prevent dust and debris from piling up on the internal components of your air conditioning unit and if this barrier of protection is not there, you are asking for serious issues later on.

Air conditioner coils

Air conditioner coils and evaporator coils are some of the outdoor elements to your ducted air conditioning unit. As you would expect, they will collect dust and dirt over their years of use. Even though filters will assist the coils from soiling rapidly, they are still required to be cleaned to remove the dirt that has been accrued.

This job is not the most pleasant but it is crucial for the smooth running of your air conditioner. If it is not cleaned it can lead to overheating which could result in further breakdowns of your air conditioner down the track.

Tip: It is recommended that the coils are cleaned at minimum every six months, however, this varies dependant on location, surroundings and condition. Have a look every few months and reassess the situation.

When to call in a professional

You may think your ducted air conditioner is working as it should be. But the efficiency of your unit declines gradually, so you may not even realise the extent of waning until you are trying to cool or heat your home and the air conditioner just cannot do it.

Just like your car or lawnmower, your air conditioner needs to be maintained properly and serviced regularly. When you neglect your engine and filters, the motor is required to work harder which will eventually lead to it burning out. This often causes a domino effect resulting in further extensive damage to other components within.

Ensure your ducted air conditioner is running to its full potential by enlisting the help of a qualified professional once a year to inspect for any restrictions causing lack of performance and efficiency. They can help you out with cleaning and check for any preventative repairs that may need to be performed. These repairs could save you big headaches later on!

Tip: If repairs are required, get them fixed immediately. Prolonging them will only cause further damage to your ducted air con and your bank account!

If DIY is not your strong suit, why not put your ducted air conditioning maintenance needs into the hands of best people in the industry? They will prolong the life of your air conditioning unit and keep it running as efficiently as possible.

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