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Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System

Too cold? Humid and sweaty? Why suffer when you can get prepared for the changing weather now?

Temperatures in Australia are harsh, particularly in South East Queensland. This why air conditioning is a must. But it can be confusing to know which type you should get installed in your home – ducted air conditioner vs split system. Knowing the difference between them can have a huge impact on functionality and your comfort levels!

The pros and cons of ducted air conditioning

There are some distinct benefits to ducted air conditioning when compared to alternative cooling options.

The pros and cons of split system air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning isn’t for everyone and there are some definite pros to a split system.

In addition to the internal units, you must also consider where the external fans will go. Ideally these will be located away from neighbours, bedrooms and entertaining spaces, however this can often be difficult. You should also aim for an open space with good airflow and out of direct sunlight. If you plan on installing multiple split system air conditioners, you will also need to have room for the additional outdoor units.

Split system a/c’s have the ability to cool your house with ease; the efficiency relies on wall placement and how hard the motor has to work to push the cold air around the layout of your home. The power the unit has is also an important factor in the effectiveness of the air conditioner and the overall running costs.

There are many factors to consider before making your air conditioner purchase. Using the information above will help you weigh up the pros and cons of each option. When deciding ducted air conditioner vs split system, you should take into account your lifestyle needs, the requirements of the building and your budget!

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