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Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning | What To Look For In Sustainable AC Solutions

Concerned about your carbon footprint? You’re not the only one! According to a 2019 study, 78% of Australians are deeply concerned about global warming. Yet in our hot Australian climate, air conditioners are almost a necessity.

Eco-friendly air conditioning is becoming more and more popular each year. Air conditioning manufacturers are meeting the challenge head-on and have started to phase out ozone-depleting refrigerants in their products to meet Australian government standards. Technological innovations by leading brands such as Daikin, including solar-powered air conditioners and geothermal heat pumps, are making air cons greener.

Here’s why you should consider making the leap to eco-friendly air conditioning and heating, and what to look for when buying a green air conditioning system.

Top 5 Advantages of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning and Heating

1. Lower Energy Bills

This may come as a welcome surprise: eco-friendly air cons with a high energy-efficiency rating are guaranteed to lower your electricity bill and deliver cleaner cooling.

Why? Eco-friendly air conditioners help ease your energy bill by:

Another plus: You’ll save on extra costs that are part-and-parcel for an inefficient air conditioner. You’ll likely save money on repairs (because energy-efficient air conditioners naturally have less wear-and-tear), difficult-to-find spare parts (if you go with a renowned brand), and unreliable cooling (your new air con will cool much more efficiently).

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with one of our air con technicians to discuss how an eco-friendly air conditioner can save you money.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Sustainable air conditioning solutions are better for your wallet and better for the environment. Why? Older air conditioners do not benefit from the latest eco-friendly technology and as a result, produce more greenhouse gases. By switching to energy-efficient air con, you can help the planet by reducing your household’s carbon emissions.

3. Complete climate control

Eco-friendly air con units can be equipped with programmable thermostats for controlling cooling costs and improving comfort. Many modern programmable thermostats come with smartphone apps, so you can turn on the AC before you get home or turn it off after you leave.

4. Cooling is quiet and sleek

Energy-efficient air cons are designed to make less noise and fit seamlessly within your home environment. By choosing an experienced air con installer, you can ensure your air conditioner is optimised for layout, airflow, indoor air quality and quietness.

5. Cooling is not wasted on unoccupied rooms

With energy-efficient air con, you can maximise control of the climate throughout your home. For example, you can set it up so that your air con does not turn on in unoccupied rooms. This can dramatically reduce energy costs.

What To Look For In Sustainable Air Conditioning Solutions

Ask a professional air conditioning specialist for help! Here are some guidelines to follow to make sure your air con is eco-friendly:

1. Find the right size

Buying the right size air conditioner for your space is crucial for smarter energy efficiency. Why? A too-small air con will struggle to keep your home cool while wasting electricity. It won’t be able to balance the air cooled in the condenser with the humid, expended air that the evaporator draws out from the home. This can quickly cause your energy bills to spiral out of control.

Our advice? Enlist the advice of an air con professional to make sure your new air con is properly fitted for your home.

2. Look for two-stage compressors

Air conditioners are complicated machines. Of all the many parts, the compressors are the ones that use up the most electricity. Therefore, it makes sense to buy an energy-efficient compressor.

How does a compressor work? It squeezes out the heated vapours so the refrigerant can return to a cooled state. A two-stage compressor automatically compresses less on cool days and more on hot days. This makes this style of compressor one of the most energy-efficient compressors you can buy.

3. Customise your system to maximise its energy efficiency

For greater energy savings, ask your air con professional for advice on customising each component of your air con. Areas where you can save energy include your thermostat and indoor coils. This will allow you to meet your home’s individual heating and cooling needs in the most energy-efficient way possible.

4. Buy a programmable thermostat

Air conditioners with the option to program the air con’s internal thermostat are a great way to start going more green. In fact, a programmable thermostat is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your air con system more eco-friendly. This smart invention allows you to set your air con off automatically when you leave home, and saves you money by setting temperatures higher during cooling and lower during heating.

5. Invest in regular maintenance

We recommend having a licensed air conditioning technician inspect and service your air con at least once a year. This routine service should include at a minimum:

This will keep your eco-friendly air conditioning unit working as smartly as it can to lower your energy bill.

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