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Electrical problems can cause house fires

Electrical problems are one of the major reasons for house wires and can be very dangerous for the safety of you and your family.

Heat is created when electric current passes through a resistance. The amount of heat is determined by the amount of current and the size of the resistance.

A good conductor of electricity has low resistance and poor conductors have high resistance.

Air is a poor conductor of electricity. However when electric currents flow across small air gaps a lot of heat and sparks are generated. This happens when insulation breaks down or when electrical connections are loose.

Copper wire is a good conductor of electricity. However, if too much current flows through the copper wire then the wire will get hot. Larger diameter wires are required to carry larger electric currents.

Here are the main causes and solutions for electricity based fires in Australian homes:

Causes and solutionsElectrical problems can cause house fires

Cause: Cable insulation breakdown
Solution: Replace the house wiring

Cause: Overloading of electrical circuits
Solution: Additional circuits

Cause: Incorrectly sized/faulty fuses
Solution: Install circuit breakers

Cause: Loose connections
Solution: Only use reputable electricians

Cause: Faulty electrical appliances
Solution: Install safety switches

Cause: Voltage surges from lightning strikes
Solution: Install a surge diverter

Cause: Downlights overheating
Solution: Cooling space around the downlight

Peace of Mind ChecklistElectrical problems can cause house fires

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