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3 Reasons Electrical Jobs Should NEVER be DIY

Electricity is an amazing technology. Today, we don’t really think about how much we use it until we don’t have it anymore during a black out, a brown out or electrical issues in the home. We rely on it to power every room in the house, from the light fittings to the wall socks and the appliances streaming power along wired cables. We are surrounded by electricity. It may be hard to believe it comes from a box somewhere outside or under the house, but that box can be full of its own tricks and trips. Any electrical job shouldn’t be done by yourself – the world of DIY is wonderful, but shaping a new coffee table isn’t exactly playing with lives wires and hoping for the best (based on what you saw a guy do online.)

 It’s Complicated

Changing a light bulb is not the hardest thing in the world, but it should be the extent of your involvement with DIY electrics. There’s circuitry all around you, in the walls, under the floor, in the roof – it’s all connected somehow, feeding back to that magical power box. Think of playing with your own wiring like trying to defuse a bomb without intensive training. The blue wire is yes and the red wire is no, right? You have no idea what you’re fooling around with or the potential consequences for you, your home or future residents.

 It’s Deadly

This should be a given. Electricians across Australia are held to high standards and undergo rigorous training to competently navigate your internal wiring.  They can spot a problem a mile off, avoid cutting through or touching a loose wire until it has been safely neutralized and more importantly, they know exactly what they’re looking at. You may accidentally do something you didn’t plan and receive a nasty, literal shock for your troubles. A shock that could lead to death or serious medical issues.

 It May Cause Issues Down the Line

If you’re lucky enough to do your own electrical work without getting hurt, but at the expense of a few power points that are now dead, you’ve provided potential fodder for a fire. DIY actions often lead to loosened wires and shorting, particularly in older houses where they is no circuit protection. If a circuit goes pop in a new home, the circuit box shuts it down automatically – although, continuous circuit issues in new houses can lead to costly, dangerous problems too.

Keep safe this summer season and hire an electrician to ensure your home is secure and risk free. It’s better we fix one problem than several, or worse yet, hear you’ve been horribly injured by an electrical current or stray live wire! For all electrical installations, contact a Crown Power electrician with certified skills and experience to keep you and your family safe.