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Winter Warmers: Reverse Cycle Systems Easy on Energy Use

Temperatures are dipping in Brisbane and with the arrival of winter people are looking for efficient and cost effective ways to heat their home. Compared to regular heating options, reverse cycle split system air conditioning has a range of benefits which we discuss in our latest post.  As Brisbane’s premier supplier of Daikin split systems air conditioners, Crown Power can find a system that will work for you not only this winter, but throughout the entire year.  

How do reverse cycle systems work?

Instead of heating up elements like electric heaters, reverse cycle air conditioning works from extracting the heat from outside and transferring it inside. The refrigerant in the unit passes through coils and in so doing it absorbs heat from air outside – even when outdoor temperatures are at their coolest. The compressor is the last step – the heated refrigerant is pumped into and out of the compressor causing the release of the generated heat into the home. Reverse cycle systems can reverse the flow of refrigerant providing efficient cooling in summer.

What is inverter technology in reverse cycle systems?

Most reverse cycle systems have inverter technology which allows the compressor to work at variable speeds depending on the output required and eliminates the use of stop/start function in reducing the pressure placed on the components. This also allows the system to heat up faster and maintain more comfortable internal temperatures.

What are the benefits compared to other heating options?

For starters they are a lot more affordable to run than conventional heaters. Three of more units of heat can be generated for every single unit of electricity used to run a reverse cycle system. This means they are up to 3 times as efficient as direct element heaters which generate only one third of the heat for every unit used.

Other advantages of reverse cycle heating include:

– Able to provide heating and cooling meaning only one system is needed year round.
– Cool to touch at all times.
– Safer than electrical heaters with less fire risk and no exposed elements
– Longer lifetime 20 years.
– More effective at heating larger areas compared to portable heaters
– As well as heating and cooling they also filter and dehumidify air.

This winter it could be time to rethink your household heating strategy since there is a more effective and efficient option by using reverse cycle air conditioning.

To speak to us about a heating and cooling system that will work for your home not only in winter but year round, call Crown Power today on 0427 175 654.