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High Voltage Surges Cause Expensive Damage


High voltage surges damage electronic and electrical equipment. Voltage surges transmitted through the electrical grid are generally created by electrical storms.Burnt Circuit Board

TV’s, computers, sound systems, refrigerators etc are vulnerable to high voltage surges

One of our customers had a high voltage surge go through her switchboard last summer. The voltage surge damaged all three of the air conditioners that we had installed in the previous year. The electronic mother boards were burnt out.

The total repair cost was $3,200.

The high risk of high voltage damage to your electrical and electronic devices can be greatly reduced by fitting a high voltage surge diverter to your switchboard. The surge diverter senses high voltage and diverts the high voltage to earth away from your switchboard and house wiring.

Protect Your Entire Home

The high voltage surge diverter protects all of your power points throughout your house. This means that any electrical device plugged into any of your power points will be protected.

We strongly recommend that you have a high voltage surge diverter installed on your switchboard.

Arrange to have a high voltage surge diverter installed on your switchboard.

Burnt Computer

Call Tony 0401 437 440 Only * $220 (usually$270)
Including GST.

* When installed with other electrical work e.g air conditioner installation

Your HV Surge Diverter and Safety Switches should be inspected on a regular basis. Get in touch with Crown Power today for all your electrical and air conditioning needs.