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Home Automation Air Conditioning | Expert Guide

Since the Age of Enlightenment, technology has moved at breakneck speed, improving our lives immeasurably. We have vaccines that protect us from deadly diseases, airplanes that rocket us across oceans, and a global computer network that allows us to shop, educate ourselves, and watch funny videos whenever we feel like it.

We also have air conditioning—a technology that has made our homes and workplaces infinitely more comfortable. As with other technologies, air conditioning is continuing to improve, and one of its latest developments is being able to control the climate in your property from your personal electronic devices, giving you greater control over the system. Home automation air conditioning is one of many smart features available in the home, and in this article, we’ll explore it in more detail.

What is a home automated air conditioning system?

Home automation refers to the control of utilities around the home using electronic devices such as your phone or tablet. This might be using your phone to activate your lights, to turn on your coffee machine in the morning, or to increase the temperature of your air conditioner. Home automation is about giving you greater control over your appliances, and when it comes to your air conditioner, you’ll be able to set timers, change fan speeds and directions, activate eco mode, and more.

To add home automation technology to your air conditioner, you typically need two things—a compatible electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or standalone controller, and a chip that is installed in the air conditioner itself (although the system requirements will vary depending on the brand chosen for your smart tech air conditioning system).

You can find automation options for both smart ducted air conditioning, and smart split system air conditioning.

The benefits of home automation air conditioning

You can set temperature schedules

With an automated air conditioning system, you can set unique climate schedules for every day of the week, so that your home is always at the perfect temperature. This might look something like the following:

When you set fixed schedules for your home’s climate, you’ll save yourself time and effort.

Lower electricity bills

When you have fine control over your air conditioning system, and are able to activate it only when you’re home, you’ll use less electricity and save on your power bill. This isn’t only great for your wallet, it’s also a way to assist in the fight against climate change.

You can set the temperature before you get home

If you’ve had a particularly hot day but haven’t set a schedule for your home’s air conditioner, you can open up the app and activate the system long before you get home, so that it’s the perfect temperature when you arrive.

You can turn off the air conditioner remotely

If you find yourself in the middle of yet another record-breaking summer, and forgot to turn off your air conditioner before leaving the house, it will be working extra hard to regulate the temperature, and use a lot of energy in the process. With an automated air conditioning system, you can easily turn off the air conditioner remotely, and save even more money.

You can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the house

If you’re in the middle of the latest Netflix sensation, and can feel a chill developing in your feet, the last thing you want to do is get up and adjust the air conditioner. It’s definitely a first world problem, but still irritating. With an automated air conditioning system, you can just grab your tablet from the coffee table, open up an app, and increase the temperature by a few degrees until your feet thaw out.


Home automation has become popular in the last few years, and there’s a handful of companies that offer the technology, including:

MyAir by Advantage Air

MyAir is a home air conditioning management system that allows you to adjust temperature, fan speed, cycle type, and more, allowing up to 10 zones across your home, and all being controlled from an Android-based tablet.


The AirTouch system allows you to control your air conditioning from your smartphone, tablet, voice-activated system such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home, or via a wall-mounted panel, and includes settings such as temperature, fan speed, and cycle type, across a maximum of 16 unique zones throughout your home.


iZone is a full home automation system that allows you to control your lighting, power, entertainment, air conditioner, and more. These utilities can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet, voice-activated system, or a wall-mounted panel, with similar settings to MyAir and AirTouch.

Air conditioning has come a long way since it was invented, from heavy little boxes that sit underneath the window, to sprawling ducted systems that cover the entire house. Now that home automation is available, things have gotten even better, giving you a high degree of control over the climate throughout your property.

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