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How To Connect Daikin Air Conditioners To Google Home

Daikin has been heating and cooling Australian homes for over 50 years and is one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning. Something you will already realise if you already have a Daikin ducted system in your home! Their ducted systems have a range of reverse cycle features. They also offer Smartphone Control and the ability to access smart assistants, which enable you to activate a range of functions, from controlling your air conditioning to turning on lighting, operating your AV system and managing your home’s security systems.

“Smart assistants” are devices loaded with software that you use to access information, perform tasks or control other devices. You can have a smart assistant on your phone or computer or use them through a “smart” speaker. This voice command device offers interactive actions and hands-free activation with one or more “hot words”, which turn user input through spoken commands by using speech recognition technologies.

One of Australia’s most popular smart assistants is Google Assistant, and it comes with Google Home. But what features are available with Google Home, and how do you pair a Daikin air conditioner for Google Home?

What is Google Home?

First, a bit of background. There are three major smart assistants these days battling for our attention — Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Home’s Google Assistant. But according to the Smart Audio report Australia 2021, Google Assistant is the most popular choice in Australian homes. Why?

Google and Amazon both offer a wider choice of smart devices than Apple and at a wider range of price points. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa both work on a broad range of third-party speakers. However, Google dominates because Amazon tends to treat Australia as an afterthought when releasing new services and profits. Google also tends to prioritise localisation and interaction with more Australian services.

Google Home was released in the US in 2016, and the Australian version was launched in 2017. Some of its users’ favourite features are that it recognises different users’ voices, it can stream Netflix and Stan on request if you’re using Chromecast, and that it speaks with an Australian accent! The Google Home app allows you to set up and control your Google Home speakers and displays, allowing you to control compatible speakers, lights, cameras … and your Daikin air conditioner!

What are my options in terms of Google smart speakers?

These days, most of us have a smartphone, but according to tech experts, smart speakers are the Next Big Thing when it comes to integrating smart tech into our lives.

The two most popular Google smart speakers are the Google Nest Mini and the Google Next Audio. The first is the update to the original Google Home Mini. It is the cheapest and easiest way for Aussies to get their hands on Google Assistant smart speakers, and it costs around $60. The second is the next step up and will do more justice to your favourite music. It costs around $120. Both are single speakers, but you can link two matching speakers to create a stereo pair.

How do I connect Google Home to my Daikin air conditioner?

The first step is downloading the Daikin Airbase app. This puts your ducted system’s frequently-used functions at your fingertips, including using your tablet or smartphone to operate your unit. This can be done via your in-home Wi-Fi or remotely with an internet connection. The Airbase unit will provide most of the functions already available on the Daikin wall-mounted remote control panel.

Depending on your system, these include:

With the Daikin Airbase, your ducted system can be part of the Google Home automation ecosystem alongside third-party-supplied garage doors, lights and security systems (to name a few!)

Daikin Airbase To Google Home

Voice functions can also be accessed, including:

Connect Daikin to Google Home

In order to connect Daikin to Google Home, firstly ensure the Daikin Airbase app has been downloaded or updated. When updating the app, you will be prompted to push the firmware update to the Airbase adapter. The Daikin Airbase “Out-of-Home” control must also be set up to link the Google Airbase Voice action.

Then, to link Google Home to the Daikin Airbase, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Google Home app.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 1

Step 2. Tap the “+” symbol.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 2

Step 3. Tap “Set up device”.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 3

Step 4. Tap “Works with Google”.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 4

Step 5. Tap the magnifying glass symbol.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 5

Step 6. Type “Daikin” in the search bar and select “Daikin Airbase Voice”.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 6

Step 7. Tap “Link” to link your Daikin Airbase Voice account.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 7

Step 8. Tap “Accept”.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 8d

Step 9. Enter your Daikin Airbase App “Out of Home” login details.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 9

Step 10. Select the “Aircon Name”.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 10

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 10.1

Step 11. Tap “Done” once the selection has been made.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 11

Step 12. Your Daikin Airbase Voice account is now linked.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 12

Step 13. Select “Daikin Airbase Voice”.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 6

Step 14. Tap the “arrow” to return.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 14

Step 15. Tap the “arrow” to return.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 15

Step 16. Tap the “arrow” to return.

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 16

Step 17. The linking process is now completed!

Daikin Airbase To Google Home Step 17