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Is It Necessary To Service AC Every Year?

Air conditioning should be serviced regularly to ensure it runs efficiently, its life is prolonged, and costly repairs and replacements are avoided. This is the case with any unit, including split systems, ducted air conditioning and wall-mounted models.

But what are the benefits of regular maintenance? And is it necessary to service AC every year?

Benefits of regular AC servicing

The main benefit to regular servicing is being able to discover and fix small problems before they become expensive. Regular servicing will also:

DIY servicing

You can do some maintenance yourself. The timing of this will depend on what’s required, and the type of unit you own. You should also follow your unit’s instruction manual carefully, always using the filters recommended for your particular model. If you have misplaced your manual, they are generally available for download on the manufacturer’s website. As a general guide:


Air conditioners should never run without a filter or filters, as they prevent debris and dust from building up on your unit’s internal components. In terms of maintenance, they should be cleaned and/or replaced twice a year. If you live in a dusty location or notice a significant drop in performance, you may need to perform maintenance more often. Also, the more you use your unit, the more often you should clean the filters. If you mainly use it in summer, clean them in spring, so your unit is ready for the hottest part of the year, and again when the weather cools down in preparation for winter.

To clean filters, turn the unit off at the wall first, and then pop open the plastic cover to remove the filter/s. Some models also have an air purification filter that can be removed and cleaned — follow the instruction manual carefully for this. You should clean filters in the outdoor unit with a clean, sturdy brush. For a more thorough clean, give them a vacuum and use the appropriate brush head if it has one. If they are very grimy and dirty, wash in warm water with some mild detergent and then rinse clean. They should be completely dry before you put them back in the unit. Lastly, wipe down the indoor unit’s interior and exterior and any vents or ducts with a soft, damp cloth.


Some systems will also allow you to remove the indoor unit’s louvres, which are the oscillating blades that direct the airflow. If applicable, give them and the space behind them in the unit a thorough clean with your vacuum cleaner or a clean cloth. Again, make sure you’ve turned the unit’s power off before proceeding.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit should be cleaned annually. The compressor should be kept clear of obstructions like surrounding plants and grass, and vegetation, dust and cobwebs removed with a brush.

Professional servicing

Professional technicians have the right tools and knowledge to fix or upgrade your system so that it continues to run efficiently. They will also address any issues before they become larger problems. Most air conditioning manufacturers recommend your air conditioner be serviced annually, and a service usually includes your technician:

However, you should also book in a maintenance call if you notice any of these signs: