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Make Your Aircon Work For Your Budget This Summer

Surviving summer on a budget can be challenging, especially if you’re relying on a faithful air conditioner to pave your way through the thermostat busting temperatures. When the mercury is out of control, you need relief; you need cool, consistent relief, but at what cost? Making your air-conditioner work for you this summer isn’t simply taking the controls in hand and pressing the on button, you can be smart about usage without sweltering in ice-block melting weather and mitigate bill shock when the electricity bill comes through. How? Let Crown Power help you.

Step 1: Turn Up the Heat

Wait, what? This doesn’t make sense at first glance, but hear us out. Turning the air conditioner unit up a degree or two while maintaining general comfort (without transforming your mini savannah into the new Arctic circle) will reduce the pressure on the system to perform, streamlining the cooling experience and providing the instant relief you need to survive a Brisbane summer. Try to maintain a healthy 25 degrees Celsius – for every degree below, add a possible 10% to your final bill.

Step 2: Close the Doors

Unless you occupy a door-less house, close off every room not in use. Your unit will work overtime to cool a large area; by minimising this coverage and removing certain spaces from the equation, less electricity will be churned through leading to more dollars later. Remember to keep the air-conditioned room open, as the air-conditioner will recycle already cooled air, leading to a more efficient experience.

Step 3: Turn on the Fans

If ceiling fans grace your rooms, the air conditioner should be your last port of comfort. Even if left on all day, the humble fan burns far less energy than a mounted unit – you can save up to 60% in energy output, cool your rooms and get a good night’s sleep without resorting to the monster on the wall.

Step 4: Do You Have a Maintenance Plan?

Like any high demand appliance, air conditioners need to be maintained, filters need to checked and changed, and the entire system should be given a bi-monthly once over to ensure every component is fitting fit for the warmer months. Even if nothing is directly wrong, a neglected machine can be inefficient and prone to irregular cooling, burning up your bank account while struggling to fight off summer.

A reliable Brisbane air conditioning maintenance service will keep your unit in working order 365 days a year, transforming those little bumps in price into something affordable. Get in touch with Crown Power today for all your Brisbane air conditioner related needs.