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My Air makes home the ultimate comfort zone

Ducted air conditioning systems offer homeowners a number of benefits; their comprehensive coverage ensures that homes get the utmost in unrestricted airflow and they are whisper quiet. It’s really important for your ducted air conditioning system to provide the right settings and control to allow for different temperature requirements in different rooms. Some people or rooms may require minimal cooling, whilst others might desire more. Fortunately, Advantage Air’s advanced My Air technology offers the perfect solution to this.

My Air allows homeowners to divide their ducted air conditioner into different zones throughout their house and control each zone individually, from a singular control point that doubles as an 8-inch tablet. At Crown Power, we specialise in installing the My Air system and have combined it flawlessly with our ducted air conditioning systems for energy efficient, whisper quiet airflow that can be controlled from your smartphone.

Control the airflow of your air conditioner with My Air

My Air offers a variety of benefits to homeowners including enhanced comfort and unrivalled energy efficiency.

For the utmost convenience, My Air offers a range of control options, including a standard 8-inch tablet, or an application that can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets from both Apple and Android. With this advanced technology, a My Air system can be controlled remotely from anywhere on or off the property. A technology of such an advanced nature allows homeowners to control airflow throughout their home with unrivalled precision; the My Air system divides each room into individual zones and can alter the airflow of each room from between 5% and 100%. This has positive implications on both the energy efficiency and comfort of your home; the airflow of each room can be set to the personal preference of its occupant and you will not be paying excessive electricity bills to cool empty rooms.

My Air comes with a range of advanced features

The My Air system serves to provide you with unmatched and uncompromising control over the heating and cooling of your home and to do this, it comes with a number of advanced features that are typically incorporated in the air conditioning systems of commercial high rise buildings.

Temperature sensors

To provide homeowners with the most precise temperature control on the market, My Air can be used in conjunction with and Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor. These sensors detect the ambient temperature of the room in which they are installed and adjust the airflow of the airconditioning outlet to perfectly maintain the set temperature. This is useful in rooms with an easterly or westerly aspect, that bear the effects of direct sunlight; with an ITC sensor, airflow will increase or decrease to maintain a precise and unfaltering temperature.

Motion sensors

For the utmost in energy efficiency, you can install motion sensors in each of your My Air zones. Motion sensors serve to limit unnecessary energy consumption by detecting empty rooms and adjusting their set temperatures in increments of one degree. If a motion sensor does not detect movement in a zone for ten minutes it will adjust the target temperature by one degree, after 20 minutes it will adjust the temperature by another degree and this will continue every ten minutes until motion is detected. When motion is detected, the temperature will return to its previous setting. With this system, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Easy integration with major air conditioning brands

My Air is produced in Australia, from Australian components and will stand up to all climatic conditions. This product can be installed by a Crown Power specialist to suit air conditioners from leading brands including Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba.

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