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Nursery Air Conditioning and Heating

For parents, creating the perfect environment in which their young child is calm and comfortable is no doubt at the forefront of their mind, especially in the early stages where a good night’s sleep for their baby also means a good night’s sleep for the parents.2

For sound-sleeping throughout the night studies have shown that young infants benefit from a steady climate-controlled environment, with air conditioning being one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Since infants are particularly sensitive to heat and the dangers of overheating, especially in warm climates like Brisbane, installing a spilt air conditioning system can create the perfect climate controlled environment to keep your child safe and encourage a good night’s sleep – each and every night.

Here at Crown Power we understand the huge range of advantages that air conditioning provides including often overlooked safety benefits for young children. For that reason we’d like to share some tips for effective air conditioning use in your child nursery, and infant’s unique needs when it comes to creating a climate controlled environment.

Set Air Conditioning Temperature at 18 – 21 C

Babies are particularly at risk of overheating, especially at bedtimes in their cots. Since overheating is linked to SIDS, (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) young children benefit from air conditioning being set cooler than what most adults generally need. Most paediatricians recommend a temperature between 18-21 degrees as optimum for sound sleeping and protection against overheating.

Keeping Cool Prevents Heat Rash

Babies are also particularly at risk of developing heat rash especially during the warmer months. This is characterised by small blisters and red bumps on this skin. Use of an air conditioning system and dressing your baby in lightweight cotton clothing is the most effective method of preventing heat rash from developing.

Other tips for keeping your child comfortable include ensuring the air conditioning is not blowing directly on a young infant through positioning the cot or bassinette a reasonable distance from the unit. Additionally keep babies comfortable with non-synthetic clothing and wrapping them from the waist down, while ensuring their arms and legs are free. This ensures they feel secure makes sure they sleep on their back which is safest for very young children.

When it comes to safe and sound sleeping for your infant, creating a climate-controlled nursery, especially in warmer months, is the number one way to protect your child from overheating. A good night’s sleep for them equals a good night sleep for you too. Don’t delay – call the Gold Coast air conditioning and heating specialists at Crown Power today and say hello to a fantastic night sleep for you and your child. Get in touch with Crown Power on 0421 376 620.