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Types of Residential Air Supply Diffusers

Diffusers are room air outlets i.e. what you see on the ceiling when there is a ducted air conditioner installed. There is a range of air supply diffusers to suit your design (size is important) and taste.The size of the diffuser is principally determined by the air flow. Architecturally in most cases it is more atheistically pleasing to have 2 smaller diffusers than one large one.

Different types of residential air supply diffusers


Round Air Diffuser

The round diffuser is the most popular. It is matt plastic and blends into most ceilings. This shape is architecturally preferred because it looks the same from all directions.



Multi Directional             

Multi Directional Air Diffuser

Multi direction square diffusers are used where the room outlet cannot be located in a symmetrical location because of the construction of the building. Each quadrant can be rotated 360 degrees e.g. all blades can be sending air in the same direction.

Another use is in Brisbane houses that have VJ ceilings. Architecturally, the square diffuser follows the lines of the VJ ceiling boards.



Silhouette Air Diffuser

The silhouette is another choice of square diffuser. The blades are fixed and the trim sits below the ceiling line.




Side Wall                                          

Side Wall Air Diffuser

Side wall diffusers are used where the air outlets can only be located behind the wall. One example of this is a room with half a cathedral ceiling. Another example is where the flexible duct is run into the top of a wardrobe and the side wall diffuser is mounted on the wall above the robe doors. The side wall diffuser has two way deflection for good air distribution.



Linear Slot       

Linear Slot Air Diffuser

Linear slot diffusers are used in horizontal bulkheads.Their use is limited because the air is only driven in one direction.





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