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Energex can reduce the output of the ducted air conditioning system by sending a signal via the grid to the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system. This reduces the amount of electricity being used.

Protect yourself from time of use metersTime of use electricity meters will be introduced into residential dwellings in the near future. Peak electricity costs are expected to rise to 35 cents per Kwhr. The reduction in the energy used by the ducted air conditioning system will provide significant cost savings.
This in turn reduces peak demand and along with other peak load reducing initiatives will mean that Energex’s overall power generation capacity will not have to be increased.

Daikin anSave With Crown Powerd Energex

Daikin is one of only a few brands that can be connected to the Energex PeakSmart system. Daikin have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Sydney where the ducted fan coil units are manufactured. The local R&D team work closely with the Japanese R&D teams to make products to suit the Australian conditions

Crown Power

The Peak Smart system can be installed in new ducted air conditioning installations or retrofitted to recently installed ducted systems(Daikin L series models). Crown Power electricians will install PeakSmart for a very reasonable cost.

Energex will give you $500 to connect your ducted Daikin air conditioning to the PeakSmart system.
(Check Energex website for eligibility details)