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Save money with ducted air conditioning air volume control

When it comes to air conditioning; the better your air control the higher the comfort, and the lower the running costs. Great Air Control=Super Comfort + Convenience + Energy Savings

Volume control with ducted air conditioning

The science of refrigeration is well established and the technology to cool and heat air has been around for decades. Latest innovations in air conditioning are centred around the control of the conditioned air. More specifically the volume of the air into each zone.

Save money with ducted air conditioning air volume controlModern zone controllers can adjust the volume of air to each zone. This addresses the common complaint about ducted systems where one zone may be cooler than another and the user cannot change the temperature in each zone. Now, for example, each bedroom can vary the temperature by adjusting the volume of conditioned air to each room. Comfort plus.
Crown Power ducted air conditioning designs incorporate adjustable ducted air conditioning air volume control. The zone controllers are able to adjust the volume of air from 10% to 100%


The Zone controllers used in Crown Power ducted designs can be connected to a smart phone. The ducted air conditioning can be switched on or off from the Smart phone as well as the zones and volume of air. How cool is that?
Switching on the Crown Power ducted air conditioning system can be done from the office, the car, the bed in fact anywhere that there is a mobile phone network.

Energy savings

Good zone control only delivers conditioned air to the zones being used and the right volume to achieve the comfort level required. Not a cent is wasted by over heating or over cooling. Oh and if you forget to turn off the system when you leave the house you can turn the system off from your smart phone. Once again no wasted energy. Insist on ducted systems that maximise air control.

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