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Taking Care Of Pets During Thunderstorms

It is well and truly thunderstorm season in Brisbane and while nature shows off her amazing electrical displays and accompanying musical thunder rolls for us humans to enjoy, pets can get seriously stressed.

So here’s a couple of tips from our mascot, Frosty.

Hey Folks,

Frosty here!  Russell has handed the reins over to me on this post to share some tips on how to keep your four-legged friends safe during those scary thunderstorms.  You see, just like you two-legged creatures…we get freaked out as well…storms especially.

Some of my buddies get so anxious that they start to drool or shake uncontrollably…they need to be reassured that everything will be okay.   Give them lots of cuddles and treats…please don’t throw them outside and expect them to toughen up! 

Providing a doggy-cave (use a pet crate and put it in the smallest room of the house like the closet or bathroom) and add a blanket over the top to help them feel secure.  In our natural habitat we would normally find something to hide under.  Remember to reassure that everything will be okay….treats help.

Some of my doggie pals really chillax once they have had a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy.  This helps them to overcome their anxiety and helps to stop their uncontrollable shivering.  You can add it to their water, rub a couple of drops on their paws or ears or directly into their mouth.

Thundershirts can make your pets feel more secure as well by providing a gentle constant pressure across a dogs torso.  Click on this link to watch some great tips and advice.

To get a groovy Thundershirt for your four-legged friend visit the RSPCA store here:  https://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/15991

I hope that gives you some great ideas on how to help your pets during thunderstorm season.  Remember to give us lots of love and assurance…we promise to return the favour! 

Get in touch with me, here at Crown Power, the experts in Brisbane air conditioning for more helpful advice for your pets. 

Cheers, Frosty