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The Top 5 Air Conditioning Trends Of 2017

If you’ve ever sweltered through months of incessant heat without air conditioning, you’ll appreciate just how wonderful it is to take advantage of a cost-effective, well-functioning air conditioning system to take away the discomfort of an Australian summer.

Globally, air conditioning systems are increasing in popularity, and with that increase in usage comes an increase in the demand for advancing technology that will meet the needs and demands of savvy consumers. So if you’re looking to upgrade your current system or (hurray!) in the market for a new one, here are the top 5 air conditioning trends of 2017.

#1 Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Traditional air conditioning systems rely on a variety of duct systems to transfer air throughout a building. Ductless air conditioning systems are similar in that they contain both an inside and an outside unit, however, the difference is they don’t rely on duct systems to distribute the air. Instead, they simply pull air from the exterior of the building, cool it, and then pump it back in.

Ductless systems are also more convenient. In regular air conditioning systems some of the cold air is lost as the air moves through the ducts, however, because there are no ducts on a ductless system (hence the name!), there is no lost air. The system efficiently takes air directly from the outside and brings it in.

Have you ever wanted to cool only a specific room in your house? That’s another benefit of a ductless system – you can choose to cool only the rooms that people are actually using. In regular air conditioners, you are essentially paying for the system to cool your entire house.

And while we’re on the topic of saving you money on your energy bills, because there is no need for interior ductwork, you also don’t have to pay for the extra labour that would be required to install it. It’s a win-win!

#2 Greater Energy Efficiency

One of the other air conditioning trends that have been increasingly on the radar in recent times is the ability of systems to heat or cool more efficiently. As energy prices go up (especially here in Australia) and we all become more and more environmentally conscious, companies face increasing pressure to ensure their systems are more energy efficient.

Some of these heating and cooling trends include new fluid cooling technologies that allow air conditioners to be not only more efficient but quieter, and flexible, modular cooling solutions that result in smaller carbon footprints. Essentially that means that we can be happy in terms of not only our own comfort but with the impact, our air conditioning system choices have on the environment.

#3 Renewable Energy

‘Green buildings’ are becoming not just a standard of design that is reflected in ultra-efficient equipment, building products and practices that offer sustainable, non-disruptive benefits are becoming widely applied.

The retail sector, which accounts for around 50% of Australia’s commercial property energy use, has recently been trialling a cutting-edge system that relies on a solar-powered air conditioning system in shopping centres that adjusts the amounts of cooling and heating generated to match the needs of the building.

In simple terms, this means that the system supplies ‘space heating’ in winter and ‘space cooling’ in summer, all year round. In terms of how these new technologies could impact on us in our own homes … well, it’s exciting times ahead!

#4 Better Air Purification

Awareness of the role of Indoor Air Quality (in the industry it’s known as IAQ) in promoting healthy indoor spaces has certainly grown, not least because of the fact that we have all begun to worry about the possibility of indoor air pollution. Lots of us spend most of our days inside, whether it’s in an air-conditioned work environment, at the local shopping centre or even in our own homes. And that could mean we’re simply not getting enough fresh air. Many companies are now experimenting with purification technology in their air conditioning systems, that can help to minimise dust particles and other allergens, purify the air and keep it smelling fresh and clean.

Ventilation also remains a popular focus among many manufacturers, and IAQ mandates are fast becoming an integral part of our evolving building codes and standards. This means that regardless of whether we’re working in an air-conditioned building or not, we’ll still be able to enjoy a healthy indoor environment.

#5 Increased Automation

In this age of increasing technology, it comes as no surprise that one of the top heating and cooling trends that’s emerging is the demand for home automation. Remotely controlling various appliances in your home (and air conditioning is one of the first things most homeowners choose) is becoming increasingly popular. Why?

Firstly, it comes back to convenience. Automated air conditioning can be controlled through a variety of ways, including via remote controls and smartphone apps, all from the comfort of your couch! One of the main benefits is that you can also set schedules for when you use your air conditioning, like raising the temperature at certain times during the day or turning it off when you’re not using it.

Secondly, automated air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient than regular air conditioning systems. This is because you control the energy you are using. Most of us would love the thought of coming home to a beautifully cool home after a hard (and hot) day’s work, however leaving your air conditioning system on all day wastes a huge amount of energy. Being able to control it remotely can have enormous effects on your energy bill.

And if you make the mistake (as many of us have) of leaving your air con on all day, with remote access you can simply check your smartphone and turn it off without having to drive all the way home to fix the problem!

So instead of dreading the summer heat, why not look forward to a long, cool summer basking in the breezy comfort of your new energy efficient, remote-controllable, kind-to-the-environment air conditioner? Call us today for a quote!

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