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Warning: You’re Burning Money by Using Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are widely used during winter despite being often not very effective and expensive to run. So why do so many people use them? Possibly because they are cheap to purchase however many people don’t realise the ongoing costs of running this form of heating.

Modern air conditioners come with a wide variety of features and possible one of the best functions is the ability to operate in reverse cycle mode to heat your home. As temperatures drop here in Brisbane it might seem strange to consider using your air conditioner to keep warm, but instead of going out and buying a new heater, or dusting of an existing electric or fan forced heater from last season, a reverse cycle air conditioner can keep your warmer more effectively and at a fraction of the cost.  You’ll also be able to depend on just the one heating and cooling system in your home around the year.

Crown Power explain just how effective these systems are in keeping warm and why if you haven’t used one, you really should discover why they are superior to plug in heaters in almost every way.

1. One third of the cost of running a heater

Reverse cycle systems capitalise on using existing heat from in the air from outside where heaters must generate 100 per electricity which can then be converted to heat. However even on cold nights when outside temperatures are below 10 degrees, the warmth available in the air is utilised and extracted inside. The air passes through a refrigerant and coil, this is compressed which further heats the air, and then is pumped inside the home. This process used one third less energy than a heater, which means a heating bill one third of the cost!

2. Superior Distribution of Warm Air and even Temperatures

A reverse cycle air conditioner will also distribute air more evenly throughout the space to be heated, where a heater will only warm areas directly in front and close to the heating element. They can also be used to filter and dehumidify the air – good luck getting your rusty, dusty heater to do that.

3. Forget Fires and Flames – Reverse Cycles Systems are Safe

Electric heaters have been behind house fires, especially if they are left on overnight, tip over or clothes or fabrics are placed too close to the heating element. With house fires at their highest during the winter months, operating a reverse cycle system is a heating solution you can have complete confidence and faith in to use in your home and around your family.

4. Electric Heaters – Dangerous. Ineffective. Costly.

By contrast a reverse cycle system is safe, effective and affordable. The distinction is clear.

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