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What size ducted air conditioning do I need? Is bigger always better?

I’ve made the decision to purchase my system but what size ducted air conditioning do I need? Here’s how to make sure your first choice is the right one!

Choosing the right ducted air conditioning system for your home

Congratulations! You’ve made a choice that will be comfortable for your family, increase the value of your home and increase your capacity to be energy efficient! Get ready for a whole new world of heating and cooling solutions that are so advanced you’ll barely notice they’re even there.

This is a choice that means your WHOLE home can be temperature controlled. It’s also aesthetically pleasing as the ducted air conditioning is hidden away – much more subtle than bulky units out on display! This will lead to an impressive return on investment if you sell, or put you in a great position to be very comfortable for years to come.

Unfortunately, this industry (like many others) is home to a couple of cowboys who are looking to swindle hard-working clients into parting with way too much money for systems that don’t meet their requirements. Ensuring that you’re working with a company of good standing, like Crown Power, is THE choice to avoid potential heartbreak.

You’ll soon begin a process of consultation that will ensure you select the right ducted air conditioning system for your needs. There are a number of factors that will assist in making sure you choose the right one.

How big is my house?

The size of your home will be one of the clearest answers to the question “What size ducted air conditioning do I need?”.

You need to take into account elements such as the overall size of the property, how high your ceilings are and the direction your home faces. The size, placement and number of windows in your home must also be taken into consideration.

When you have an in-home visit to arrange an accurate quote your ducted air conditioning specialist will be able to take these kinds of measures and help guide you through your decision-making process. You need to ensure that your system isn’t too small as it will not be adequate. It must also not be too big – you’ll be using power and space unnecessarily and see this mistake reflected in your costs.

Too small? Too big? Or just right? This is a choice that you’ll best make with professional consultation.

What is my house made of?

Homes can be made of lots of different types of materials that have a marked effect on the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. A full brick home will have different needs than a weatherboard and both of these will be different again to homes that use combinations of different materials.

What are my needs?

You need to consider who the people are in your home and what their needs are when it comes to heating and cooling.

An empty nest situation will have vastly different needs from one where children are still all under the one roof. If you’ve got a family who spends a lot of time indoors then you’ll have to consider the common areas as high-traffic. If yours is a busy home, perhaps your bedroom areas need a stronger focus.

Here are some key points to consider in this part of the process:

The answers to these points may help you pinpoint how this room is used. This will have a huge impact on the size of the ducted air conditioning system you select.

What heating and cooling solutions do I currently have?

This is a consideration that a lot of Crown Power’s competitors won’t discuss with you.

Potentially, part of your heating and cooling solutions may be already being addressed by your current setup. If your kitchen has access to large windows or has a ceiling fan close by, for example, you may not need to invest in cooling in this area.

Part of making this decision is ensuring that you’re being savvy and sensible with your selections. Different sized systems are created to cater for different sized needs. Make sure you’re not being dazzled by a company that insists you need top-notch air flow in every single room of your house. You need to put your home, and your hard-earned cash, in the hands of people who have your best interests at heart.

Is this a company I can trust?

Many installers of ducted air conditioning systems will tell you they’re the best in the biz. However, you never really get a chance to hear from their customers.

Crown Power, however, will happily let you in on how they operate behind the scenes. Testimonial after testimonial from satisfied customers connects with Crown Power’s reputation as industry professionals in South-East Queensland.

Crown Power pride themselves on reliability, an extremely high level of competent service and the use of the very best materials money can buy. They listen to, understand and communicate with their clients to ensure that they receive nothing but the very best.

Crown Power are leaders in the industry because of their old-fashioned, hard-working values and their attention to detail. They are the smart choice if you’re looking for a team of tradespeople you can trust working with suppliers of brands you can recognise. There are no tricks, no hidden costs and absolutely no worries.

Servicing happy homes from the Sunshine Coast all the way down to the Gold Coast, they are the go-to choice for people looking to add value to their properties – both for the present day and into the future.

If you’re asking, “What size ducted air conditioning do I need?” make sure the right ears are hearing your question.