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Lower your air conditioners work out with ceiling fans

Air conditioners in Brisbane really get a work out during the summer months. We all know that keeping cool with air conditioning is a handy little necessity here in Queensland. No matter what system you have, from a ducted air conditioning system to a split air conditioning system, there is one thing that can assist them both and save you some serious pennies. What is it? We hear you ask. Ceiling fans we say! Ceiling fans can really help circulate that sought after cold air to maximise the effect of your air conditioning and reduce your air conditioners work out. The ceiling fans circulate the air, they cost next to nothing to run, and they drop the temperature down quite nicely.

Ceiling fans spread the cool so use them all summer long

When you have your air conditioning on this summer, running the ceiling fans as well may go against your money saving grain; however there is a method to the madness. Trust! The ceiling fans will keep the cold air moving, the more it moves about the more you get to enjoy the sweet, sweet cool. Also, because the air has this additional movement you can even set your temperature up a bit higher. The moving air can drop the temperature up to 4 degrees. The higher the temperature of your air conditioner, the lower the usage cost will be. Genius!

Ceiling fan number crunching

If we do a little math, with the assistance of some super smart people from the consumer energy centre, we can see just how much difference using ceiling fans in conjunction with air conditioning can make. Ceiling fans use about as much energy as a 100 watt light bulb. That is not a lot of energy, and not a lot of energy means not a lot of money. Cool right? You can run a ceiling fan for a few cents a day. Setting your air conditioning unit at 1.8 degrees higher than usual and running a ceiling fan will reduce the running cost of your air conditioning by about 10%. This saves you around 23% of your usual cost. Good right?

It’s crazy but it’s good

So while it may seem a wee bit crazy to run two cooling systems at the same time, on closer inspection, it is actually super smart. It is a great blend of old technology with new innovations working together to save you money. Air conditioners in Brisbane are hardworking, and so are you, so why not let some ceiling fans lend you both a hand?

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